No Sugar Challenge Day 2

Maybe it would be more helpful if I updated daily instead of weekly. That way I can keep track of my moods, and any other physical changes that may happen.

So, today was hard. I just wanted something sweet man… and I don’t mean fruit! Instead I just ate a ton of other food instead. Just large portions at breakfast, oatmeal and fruit, and lunch, black bean soup with tortilla chips and avocado. Made some biscuits and ate a few, a small portion of apple sauce, and some banana and peanut butter.

I am full but I haven’t satisfied that sweet craving, you know what I mean? I wonder how long it will take for that to go away. I really need to make my portion sizes smaller.

Cravings are still around and I’m eating a lot. Daydreamed about making sweet muffins and brownies. Didn’t though. I can get through this. At some point I want to cut the calories but I don’t feel ready yet. Will make an honest attempt tomorrow though.


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