No Added Sugar Challenge Day 5

Today was really hard. I know what my trigger is. BOREDOM.

So, I need to do a much better job of keeping myself occupied. I can’t see eating as an activity. Eating while watching a TV show is a habit I need to break. I didn’t have any sugar/added sugar today but once again I was way over calories. This is like 4 days out of 5 where I’ve done that and it needs to stop or I will start putting on weight.

I think I’m going to start posting pictures of my meals. I think that will help keep me accountable.

I need to do groceries tomorrow so I need to do a bit of meal planning for the next few days. I think I’m going to try and make the lentil chili recipe from the instant pot recipe booklet and also buy a bag of salad mix and make some dressing to go with it. I will be blogging about that tomorrow.

Other than that, I got a decent amount of exercise today. Obviously not enough to undo the amount I ate. Can’t outrun a bad diet as they say.


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