Casa de Luz – Walnut Lemon Dill Dressing

There is a place here in Austin, TX called Casa de Luz. It is a non-profit community center. It has a school, you can take classes like yoga, nutrition, and dog training to name a few. It also has a restaurant where you can get a plant based vegan and gluten free meal. It’s pretty awesome. If you want to feel healthy, I definitely recommend going to Casa de Luz. I’m actually a big fan of the place. Here is a picture of a meal I had there one time:

IMG_20151224_130936 (1).jpg


That day they were serving tamales. My husband and I are big fans of their sauces and we had been gifted a Casa de Luz gift card so we bought their cookbook with it. Yesterday I finally tried out their walnut lemon dill dressing recipe, which according to the book is a house favorite. I love their salads and salad dressings.


These are the ingredients, although I forgot to include the garlic and salt.


You end up blending.


It looks like that after blending. More on the thick side. salad6.jpg

And added to my salad! The recipe made enough for a few days worth of salad, which is great! I’ve been meaning to eat more salads in my life and now I definitely will. I love this recipe. I’m excited to try their almond dressing too soon.

If anyone is reading this and lives in Austin I recommend checking Casa de Luz out. It’s not everyone’s thing, I know that. I have some friends who think it’s bland and others who think it’s amazing. Definitely, worth a shot though.


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