No Added Sugar Challenge days 9 and 10

Day 9 was pretty uneventful. Except for the fact that I was craving sugar like mad. Last night I went to a party at a friend’s house. In the past when going to their parties I always ended up eating way too many of their snacks: pita chips with hummus, chocolates, and cheese and crackers. Now that I’m vegan I knew the chocolate and cheese were going to be out but I was worried I would mindlessly eat tortilla and pita chips.

I had a satisfying dinner before going of pasta and tomato-mushroom sauce and a salad. Being full when getting there definitely helped. Despite that, as soon as I arrived I saw they had a plate of red grapes instead of their usual assortment of chocolate. I almost ate one, I even touched it but I had a glass of water instead. I don’t really drink alcohol anymore unless it’s a really special occasion (wedding anniversary, milestone birthdays, etc). I just stayed away from the snack table, hanging around in conversation on the other side of the room. As the party was dying down however it became a little difficult to stay far from the snack table because all of the people who were left were hovering around it. I managed though. I had brushed my teeth before I went and I just thought about how I had brushed my teeth before going there and if I ate something I’d have to brush again. That was enough for me not to eat anything.

So I survived my first party with snacks galore. I’m 1/3 of the way through 30 days. I was doing some reading the other day, because I am still eating carbs like crazy, and I’ve decided to cut down on the carbs a little. Not a completely low carb diet, because I always have way too little energy on those kinds of diet, but less carbs than I have been eating. That should help with my cravings a bit.

Tonight I have a dinner party to go to. I just have to pace myself when eating, and not get seconds immediately.


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