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What I Ate Today

Everything you see here is vegan!

Here is today’s intake:

On the left we have breakfast. Oats with flax seed and cinnamon, frozen pineapples, and almonds. In the middle is lunch is leftover pizza topped with avocado, desert is coconut milk ice cream with a vegan brownie.

Snack was 1 banana and kind of a lot of peanut butter :). Dinner was more pizza followed by more ice cream with almonds (no brownie).

I know I know. I’m eating a lot of ice cream. Pretty soon I’ll be at my mother in law’s and we won’t be having any ice cream for a few months.

As for today’s activity… I didn’t do any actual exercise time. By that I mean I didn’t take an hour in my day and say ‘This is the hour in which I will work up a sweat and burn calories’. I did have a really busy day though. I walked the dog probably for about 30 minutes this morning. The rest of the day consisted of going to Goodwill (a huge warehouse one), home depot (also frickin’ enormous, it needs a map seriously), walmart, and the dog shelter where I volunteer.


Today I ate…

So I finally took pictures of all my meals and here they are:

First meal of the day was around 12:30 pm. I didn’t have breakfast today because I wasn’t hungry.


Refried beans with carrots, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, and some spices on top of brown rice and topped with avocado. Side bowl of carrots and celery. That was lunch.





and finally dinner, which I made from scratch:


And that’s what I ate today. I drank water all day long.

I guess it’s important to add that some days I eat WAY more than this.


Had a second slice


Those are soy “bacon” bits.

I think I should mention my activity level for the day too:

Biked 20 min to an appointment, biked 20 min back home.

1.5 hour walk with the dog.

Weight Loss

Hi Blog,

Well, I have NOT been doing well on the weight loss front. I’m not giving up though. NEVER!

On Friday I weighed myself, took measurements, and took before photos. I’m too embarrassed to post the pictures but I’ll post all the other stats.

Height – 5’6, or around 170 cm

Weight – 58.5 kg or  128.7 lbs


Bust – 34

Waist – 25.5

Hips – 35.5

Thigh (around the largest part) – 21.5

Arm (around largest part) – 10.5

Stomach (just below belly button) – 30 (I was bloated, also I have a long torso if this is hard to imagine with a 25.5 inch waist)

And that’s what I’m working with. I know there are people out there who might see this and think “girl, you don’t need to lose weight.” Well… I want to so I will. I don’t feel comfortable. My clothes don’t feel right and I need to be healthier anyway.

My goal weight is around 115 lbs. Next week we are moving out of our apartment and we will drive to Florida to stay with family. We won’t be moving to our new place in California until the beginning of June so for two months I won’t have a scale. That’s okay though, I will travel with my measuring tape and I will always be able to tell by the way clothes fit me.

I’m tired of eating like shit y’all. Yeah, you can be vegan and eat like shit. It’s not hard at all. I need to eat more fruits, veggies, and legumes and less breads, cereals, and sweets.

I’ll be posting pictures of my meals for real starting tomorrow (I’m already done eating for today).


Hello Neglected Blog,

Sorry for neglecting you but I was REALLY busy the last two weeks with South by Southwest (sxsw). It’s the most wonderful time of the year! and I volunteered for a platinum badge this time. Saw a lot of movie premieres, shook hands with the first lady, went to a few talks, ate a TON of free food… so you know what that means. I haven’t been doing my 1500 calories a day thing.

Well, I’m ready to get back to it. I have five weeks before I go on vacation to Orlando, and about 8 weeks before we travel abroad. I NEED TO LOOK GOOD.

I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning, take my measurements, take a photo and all that jazz and then get right to it.

End of No Sugar Challenge

So I decided to stop doing the no sugar challenge. I haven’t lost any weight, in fact, I’m pretty sure I gained weight but I’m too scared to get on the scale. I’ve only felt deprived the past two weeks and I would try to satisfy that feeling by eating huge portions and that’s just not going to work.

I’m switching to counting calories. For the next month I’m doing 1500 calories a day. I’ll still be limiting sugar but only because I’m limiting calories. Tomorrow will be day 1. Today is day 0 because I want a break from doing challenges.

On that note, I made these vegan muffins today:

Blueberry Muffins

And this is how they turned out:



They are actually pretty damn sweet. I don’t know if this is just a result of not having had any sugar the past two weeks or what. I would probably use less sugar next time. Otherwise, good recipe. The ingredients smell amazing together.