Weight Loss

Hi Blog,

Well, I have NOT been doing well on the weight loss front. I’m not giving up though. NEVER!

On Friday I weighed myself, took measurements, and took before photos. I’m too embarrassed to post the pictures but I’ll post all the other stats.

Height – 5’6, or around 170 cm

Weight – 58.5 kg or ย 128.7 lbs


Bust – 34

Waist – 25.5

Hips – 35.5

Thigh (around the largest part) – 21.5

Arm (around largest part) – 10.5

Stomach (just below belly button) – 30 (I was bloated, also I have a long torso if this is hard to imagine with a 25.5 inch waist)

And that’s what I’m working with. I know there are people out there who might see this and think “girl, you don’t need to lose weight.” Well… I want to so I will. I don’t feel comfortable. My clothes don’t feel right and I need to be healthier anyway.

My goal weight is around 115 lbs. Next week we are moving out of our apartment and we will drive to Florida to stay with family. We won’t be moving to our new place in California until the beginning of June so for two months I won’t have a scale. That’s okay though, I will travel with my measuring tape and I will always be able to tell by the way clothes fit me.

I’m tired of eating like shit y’all. Yeah, you can be vegan and eat like shit. It’s not hard at all. I need to eat more fruits, veggies, and legumes and less breads, cereals, and sweets.

I’ll be posting pictures of my meals for real starting tomorrow (I’m already done eating for today).


9 thoughts on “Weight Loss

      1. Maritza's Thoughts

        Here’s a video on why high carb diets are better than low carb ones. I eat as much as I want on a high carb low fat diet and I’ve lost 6 pounds (I didn’t even try. I rarely exercised too.. Kind of bad, ik)


  1. Andrea Post author

    Ugh, I’ve tried doing low carb diets in the past and I never had enough energy on them so I wouldn’t be able to do it for long. Definitely checking this video out!



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