What I Ate Today

Everything you see here is vegan!

Here is today’s intake:

On the left we have breakfast. Oats with flax seed and cinnamon, frozen pineapples, and almonds. In the middle is lunch is leftover pizza topped with avocado, desert is coconut milk ice cream with a vegan brownie.

Snack was 1 banana and kind of a lot of peanut butter :). Dinner was more pizza followed by more ice cream with almonds (no brownie).

I know I know. I’m eating a lot of ice cream. Pretty soon I’ll be at my mother in law’s and we won’t be having any ice cream for a few months.

As for today’s activity… I didn’t do any actual exercise time. By that I mean I didn’t take an hour in my day and say ‘This is the hour in which I will work up a sweat and burn calories’. I did have a really busy day though. I walked the dog probably for about 30 minutes this morning. The rest of the day consisted of going to Goodwill (a huge warehouse one), home depot (also frickin’ enormous, it needs a map seriously), walmart, and the dog shelter where I volunteer.


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