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Walt Disney World and Harry Potter World

I just got back from my short trip to Orlando and I want to go back already! I’ve been to Disney many times before but this was my first time to Harry Potter World. I freaking loved it. We got a park to park pass and took the Hogwarts Express between the two Harry Potter sections. Diagon Alley is amazing. They put so much detail into everything.

The first ride we did was The Forbidden Journey. Oh man, it is nauseating! But while you are in line you are walking through the Hogwarts castle. It is so cool! Paintings moving and talking. I know they are just screens but they did a really good job making them look like actual paintings. We walked by Dumbledore’s office too. Ron made it snow on us just before we got to the carts.

I got really dizzy on that ride though. Maybe I shouldn’t have had breakfast that day. If it got to be too much I just shut my eyes and that helped. After that we did flight of the hippogriff, then we took the train to Diagon Alley. I actually really liked the train ride. That really made me feel immersed in the Harry Potter world. I felt like I was actually in the Harry Potter universe. Then we rode the Gringott’s ride twice. That one is really fun. We walked around diagon alley, discovered knockturn alley, tried butter beer (horrible), and looked inside a few shops.

We did go to the rest of Universal Studios to go on a couple of rides but now in retrospect I wish we had spent the entire day only doing Harry Potter things. I have a game plan now for next time.

I was mostly vegan on the trip. I did taste butter beer, which isn’t vegan. And I also tasted a cauldron cake and a chocolate frog that my sister bought. I also did not verify with the theme park staff if my veggie burgers were vegan. I didn’t eat any meat though.


Mickey Pretzel. This is actually vegan.

Growing up I LOVED Carousel of Progress. I was also the only one in my family who did. I wanted to experience it for what could be the last time. I know it’s Walt Disney’s personal project but I have a feeling it won’t pass the test of time.

I also LOVED the Swiss Family Robinson film growing up. I spent one summer rewatching that VHS tape a million times. I was fascinated with the idea of living on a stranded island. I was a weird kid.


Ahh… so picturesque.


That’s inside Honeydukes! I didn’t really see many vegan options. I didn’t buy anything though because it’s so expensive!


Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes! Such a kooky shop! I loved it.


We entered Hogsmeade first. Snow covered shops.. kind of a weird thing to see in Florida.


Just some of the treats inside Honeydukes!

I need to go back ASAP. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back.

I need to reread the books too. ๐Ÿ™‚


Today’s Food Diary

Had guacamole from the farmer’s market with my refried beans and rice today and a vegan biscuit with my grapes.

I ate what’s on the left before going to the beach, and what’s on the right just before dinner. On the left it’s a banana, edamame, and a pita and on the right it’s a vegan spring roll.

Vegetable soup.

Exercise was nothing strenuous. Walk with the dog and some time at the beach. It’s kind of a lot of calories for weight loss still. If I were exercising it would be fine though. I’m happy I’m not binging though. Binging causes a lot of damage.

Tomorrow I head to Orlando so I should have different meals to show! ๐Ÿ™‚

Beach Day and What I Ate Today (Vegan) 04/20/2016

That’s Jasmine green tea in the middle.

And I forgot to take a picture of my dinner but I can tell you what it was! It was just like lunch, except a larger portion and especially more chips and my husband shared it with me.

So yeah. My MIL cooked but her food won’t be done til like 8:00 PM. I normally don’t eat that late. I might feel obligated to have some though. I don’t want to be rude or anything. I’ll update this post if that happens. Luckily, she is making a vegetable soup and a salad. She typically cooks really healthy food so that’s good.

Also, we are out of Sour Patch. So no more of that temptation! I know I eat pretty much the same thing every day. ๐Ÿ™‚ This weekend I’m going to Orlando though and hitting up some theme parks so my meals will be different.

EDIT: Yup, I had some vegetable soup.


Kinda feel like I ate too much today. But it’s nothing compared to binges I’ve had in the past so I’m not worried. I’ll make sure to do some exercise tomorrow. Also, we are out of bread and candy so tomorrow will be a good diet day.

We went to the beach today and I just wanted to share a few photos of it.



It wasn’t a particularly warm day. We didn’t stay very long because we were cold. I still love going to the beach though.




What I Ate Today (Vegan) 04-19-2016

These were my meals today. I bought sour patch candy for my husband and I had some as well. I had 17 pieces which was more than enough. I think 12 pieces was good but then I greedily wanted more. It didn’t really feel good to eat more than that but I know I could have easily polished an entire bag. Definitely would have felt sick after though. Don’t really take that into consideration how I will feel afterwards when I am mindlessly eating though. It didn’t happen! I had those servings and that was it. I removed myself from the situation and went on with my day.

In the morning the pieces of bread were rye and in the evening they were sourdough. I had two helpings of refried beans at lunch. I wanted to make guacamole but the avocados were not ripe. Calorie count? I really don’t know. I’m going to guess over 1500 though.

I don’t have a lot of energy. I haven’t been exercising regularly since we left Austin so that is probably playing a role. Diet probably is also. I think over the next few months I’m going to slowly transition into a diet that includes a LOT more fruits and veggies.


What I Ate Today – Vegan – 04/18/2016

So, these were my ย meals today. Breakfast was the usual. We ran out of juice today so won’t be having that until we buy it at the farmer’s market on Thursday. Lunch was edamame, coconut curry (carrots, potatoes, tofu), and a small pita bread. Dinner was refried beans mixed in with veggies that were cooked in coconut oil and basmati rice. I also had about 15 tortilla chips dipped in my husband’s plate of refried beans and rice.

I honestly don’t know what the calorie count is for today. I also did zero exercise today. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I usually end up losing weight if I wake up in the morning really hungry.


Day trip to Miami

I lived in Miami for four years while I was getting my undergraduate degree at the University of Miami. They were some of the best years of my life. I haven’t visited the campus since I graduated 7 years ago.

We have been in a small town near Sarasota, FL for a couple of weeks now and we met up with one of my husband’s friends who said he was going to drive down to Miami for the weekend and offered to give us a ride. I jumped at the chance. My little sister lives there so it was a great opportunity to come down and see her.

Yesterday we spent all day going around to the places in Miami we wanted to see. We started off by going to Wynwood. When I was still living in Miami, Wynwood was not the up and coming artsy neighborhood it is now. It was actually a pretty rundown neighborhood that I never visited.

Now there is a lot of nice street art to see.




After we met up with one of my husband’s old college professors, we went to check out a vegan bakery that I had found online.


This place is SO GOOD. I got the flavors carrot, red velvet, key lime, and guava. My husband got the flavors key lime, passion fruit, vanilla on vanilla, and vanilla chocolate. We shared them among ourselves. They were ALL really good. My favorites include key lime and passion fruit. The chocolate frosting was also really good. I wonder what their secret is.

Next stop the University of Miami! We walked along US-1 a little bit and found a fancy dog park where we let our dog meet a few other dogs. Then we went on to the metro to head to the university.

So many memories rushed back when we got there. Things I hadn’t remembered until we were back there again. Even the smell as you walk on the breezeway. I don’t know how to describe it.


This is the dorm my husband and I lived in senior year.


This is us and our dog in front of our dorm :).


The beautiful lake. So many memories of walking past this to go to class.


This area did not look like this when we used to go to school here. I took this photo from the new university center. I was not a big fan of the new UC.


My sister and I at this instagram spot :).


I lived in the dorm on the right my freshman year. Also that bridge didn’t used to be there. There used to be a lot more lake on this campus. There was an alligator in the lake when I went to school here. He climbed out of the lake one time and was in the parking lot.

After that we visited the little shopping area near campus for some food and then we went home because we were really tired!

I had a lovely time. I actually kind of miss living here. That’s the thing about moving around so much. So many places can be thought of as home.

What I Ate Yesterday 04/16/2016



I had two of these

That last picture is half a vegan ginger snap cookie. I want to take a picture of everything I eat! I ate that piece when we were finally home yesterday (we walked around Miami for four hours!) and we were spread out on the couch in the dark watching TV.

Also, I had 2.5 of those mini cupcakes. We bought two 4 packs. They were freaking amazing! If you’re ever in Miami I HIGHLY recommend Bunnie’s Cakes. It is vegan!

I had two of those Bilimbi cucumbers. So sour! It was really cool eating straight off the tree though.

The Whole Foods dinner was some black beans, vegan yuca, roasted broccoli, and some greens on top. I didn’t eat it all. I ate all the greens and about half of the beans and yuca.

And that picture with the three little empanada-like things, I had one of those. I was sharing with my husband and sister. So.. calorie count? Probably lower than yesterday.