What I Ate Yesterday 04/16/2016



I had two of these

That last picture is half a vegan ginger snap cookie. I want to take a picture of everything I eat! I ate that piece when we were finally home yesterday (we walked around Miami for four hours!) and we were spread out on the couch in the dark watching TV.

Also, I had 2.5 of those mini cupcakes. We bought two 4 packs. They were freaking amazing! If you’re ever in Miami I HIGHLY recommend Bunnie’s Cakes. It is vegan!

I had two of those Bilimbi cucumbers. So sour! It was really cool eating straight off the tree though.

The Whole Foods dinner was some black beans, vegan yuca, roasted broccoli, and some greens on top. I didn’t eat it all. I ate all the greens and about half of the beans and yuca.

And that picture with the three little empanada-like things, I had one of those. I was sharing with my husband and sister. So.. calorie count? Probably lower than yesterday.




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