Our Dwindling Possessions

I put up some more of our belongings on craigslist. I’m finding it difficult to get rid of the most random things. I have a paper towel holder that I put up on the letgo app and when I got a message from someone asking about it, I actually got sad. For a paper towel holder. You can get those at Goodwill all the time. But I can remember buying mine. I remember picking it up at Target. And then a few days later realizing I could have gotten it for cheaper when I saw one just like it at Goodwill.

The other day we sold our office chair. This was an office chair we got at Goodwill for around 20 bucks. The handle that moves the chair up and down had been chewed on by a dog, and it was a very obviously old chair. I spent many days sitting on it in front of my desk only to get back pain at the end of the day. It wasn’t the most ergonomic of chairs. I used to complain about it a lot. And yet, when the buyer hoisted it up into the back of his pickup truck, I felt a small tug at my heart. That was OUR chair. Now it’s gone.

I feel this way about almost everything that we are selling. It hurts. Especially if it was an item that was a steal or a rare find.

Today as I was working out in my apartment complex’s gym, I looked out the windows which point out to the street. There was an absolutely ENORMOUS moving truck parked outside and movers were unloading box after box. I have never seen such a huge truck for one family. It was kind of fascinating.

I’ve read accounts of people selling everything and embarking on different journeys, adventures, and ways of life. Stuff weighs you down, they say. I hope to feel lighter once most of our things are gone. I hope to feel a little bit more free.


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