Full Time Living in the RV Week 1 Recap

It’s officially one week since we started living in our RV and so far things are going much better than expected. We started out the week with waking up super early at 6:30 AM so that we could get all of our morning stuff done before too many people were out and about. This included walking the dog, working out at the gym, showering at the gym, and preparing and eating breakfast. As the week progressed, however, we kept waking up later and later despite going to sleep at the same time every day: between 9:00 and 9:30 PM.

Today we woke up at 7:30 AM and still managed to get everything done as stealthily as possible before my husband had to go to work. I still prefer waking up a little earlier than that though and I’m going to start setting an alarm.

Parking has been going well too. We park in areas where we are allowed to park and move every 72 hours. This hasn’t been an issue so far. It helps that our RV fits into a standard parking space.

I have always had problems with certain noises when I am going to sleep, especially if it is repetitive. Typing, snoring, water dripping… these are all noises that I absolutely can not stand if I am trying to go to sleep. I think I might have a mild case of misophonia. I’ve been dealing with this by wearing ear plugs. Sometimes if I can still hear the noise through my ear plugs I get really angry and it prevents me from sleeping. Now that we live in the RV, sometimes the perfect parking spot will also be right next to something that makes a repetitive sound. I wear ear plugs but I can usually still hear things with them on. I’ve just had to deal with this. I’ve had to just force myself to deal with it. I think to myself, ‘I have no choice right now’ and I start counting in my mind. So far it has worked. I still have to wear the ear plugs though. I also NEVER take naps during the day or else I definitely won’t fall asleep.

The dog and I haven’t had problems with being too hot in the RV so far either. Summer is pretty much over though, so this isn’t really something we have to think about until next year. I’ve even been able to leave the dog in the RV by himself a few times for short periods of time. He has food , water, and his bed, and I always leave the RV vent fan on and crack open one of the smaller higher windows that he can’t reach.

Other than that, the dog and I have been getting WAY more exercise. I take him with me jogging in the mornings, and we go for an hour long walk in the evenings, exploring the surrounding areas. This is really good because my dog has gained 1 lb since we moved here and has gotten really lazy!

This weekend we are going on our first road trip in the RV. We’re driving 2 hours north to visit my husband’s uncle. I’m really excited for this trip and I’m thinking about vlogging about it. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, so far it has been a positive experience. It helps a lot that my husband and I are fine living in a small space and that we are both short enough to fully stand upright in the RV. I could see this being a lot more annoying if you were really tall. It kind of sucks that there isn’t much space in here to work on crafts, specifically sewing, and we don’t have the electrical power needed to use an iron. Instead, I work on things that I can do in here: learning to program, blogging, and editing videos. Sometimes, you just have to make compromises.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve become a lot more mindful about the amount of water I use for things like washing my hands and brushing my teeth, as well as the amount of trash I produce because it’s annoying to have to take out the trash all the time.  We’ve also actually never emptied the tanks in the RV before, so that’s going to be a project for this weekend.

In summary, things are going well. No catastrophes yet!


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