Long Time No Write

Well, it has been several months since my last post. I actually made my entire blog private for a while because I was wrestling with the idea of posting about my life on the internet… for people to read… I’m not entirely anonymous on here so in theory someone I know COULD find this and read it and do whatever they want with that information. The thought of that definitely made me hesitate to post and to keep this blog.

I now decided that it doesn’t matter. I’m not posting anything confidential. Also, I don’t think anyone cares that much about me to go digging around on the internet to find out what I’m doing. 🙂

And so, I will be posting regularly again.

I’ll be starting a half marathon training program in mid August again so I’m excited to blog about it.

Still living the RV life, so I’ll be posting about that occasionally too.

I’ve also recently decided that I was going to try to be as “zero waste” as I possibly can. That’ll be interesting!

Anyway, happy to be back. See you soon.




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