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Thailand Trip Video

I made a video of the trip to Thailand we took in May 2016. We filmed everything using our phones and held them in our hands so unfortunately, there was a lot of shakiness. Now that I’m into making videos though I’m going to try my best to minimize shakiness for future videos! I hope to make this the last shaky footage we upload on Youtube.

We were in Thailand for one month and backpacked around visiting Bangkok, Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi, Railay Beach, and Chiang Mai. We didn’t have a plan when we got to Thailand except we had booked a weekend at Railay Beach and we had booked a hostel for our first night in Bangkok. The rest of the time we used airbnb to book places the day before we got there. It worked out well probably because May is low tourist season in Thailand. It was very hot, it rained a lot, but we had a fantastic time.


Being Vegan in Thailand

I’m not going to lie. My husband and I found it a little difficult to be completely vegan in Thailand. If you are a raw vegan, fruitarian, or are okay just eating fruits and veggies all day, then Thailand is an amazing place for food. There is an abundance of fruit and amazing variety.

My husband and I are not those kind of vegans though. We stick to a vegan diet because we care about the environment and the way animals are treated. We eat anything as long as it’s vegan. I have tried being 80% raw before in the past but found it difficult and time consuming. I also just didn’t have any energy to do anything. In Thailand, however, we couldn’t eat out at tourist vegetarian restaurants every day because we needed to stick to a food budget. It would get expensive to eat out every day for a month. Especially since tourist restaurants are a lot more expensive than getting street food in Thailand and a tourist restaurant is where one would most likely find a meal that can be easily veganized.

The hardest thing about being vegan in Thailand for us was avoiding fish sauce. We learned that Thai people don’t cook with salt and use fish sauce to salt food instead. So, it is basically in every single dish. Walking around anywhere in Thailand, you will most likely smell fish sauce. So, we did eat a few meals that contained fish sauce.

We also found it kind of difficult to find instant noodles at 7-11 that didn’t contain any animals in them. So, we did eat a few instant noodle meals that were not vegan/vegetarian.

Our last week in Thailand we arrived in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai was by far the easiest place to be vegan. We found a restaurant called May Kaidee’s vegetarian/vegan restaurant and pretty much ate there every single day, budget be damned. It was the best restaurant we had eaten at during our trip. I’m pretty sure I gained 2 lbs that week.

We bought the cookbook and took the cooking class and I am excited to try out the recipes once I am over my cold.

Here are pictures of some of the food we ate there:

So, definitely, if you are heading to Thailand make your way to Chiang Mai. Bangkok has a May Kaidee too, but I liked the vibe at the Chiang Mai restaurant more. The food was excellent at both locations though.

Back from Thailand

So after over 40 hours of travelling I’m finally home from our trip to Thailand. Haven’t updated my blog since before I left but I would like to start writing regularly again. Sometime at around hour 20 of our journey back I started to get sick. It started with a runny nose and progressed to both a runny nose and a sore throat. I currently feel miserable. I’m confined to my little corner in the living room so that I avoid getting everyone else in the house sick. Can’t make my own meals, or do anything really to avoid contamination. Last time I was here at my mother in law’s I was also sick and everyone ended up getting sick too. It sucked.

I just want to feel better.


Coconut Curry and Updates

Hello Blog!

Sorry I have not updated in weeks. Last time I wrote I was still in Austin beginning preparations to pack our things for the big move. I don’t know if I mentioned it anywhere but I’m moving to California this summer.

Right now I’m at my mother in law’s place for a few weeks and next month my husband and I will be backpacking around Thailand! Super excited. Will definitely blog about that. All of our stuff is in storage. We used the company Pods to help us move. Packing was so much work. My husband and I did about 90% of all the work. We had one friend come over to help us move the bigger furniture. Luckily, we don’t own many things but we still have enough stuff for me to feel like we have too much.


Doesn’t seem like much, huh? I mean compared to the average two person household. We are some of the people in our friend group with the least amount of things too. Earlier this year I read this book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo and I went ahead and kon maried (basically declutter) our entire apartment. Clearly, I didn’t get rid of enough though. I’ll have to kon marie again when we are unpacking.

Anyway,  now we’ve been hanging out in Florida in a small town full of old people. I feel really young here. I’ve been kind of lazy with working out. Eating right has gone up and down. Maybe blogging about my exercise and intake will help. I’ll start posting Today I Ate posts again.

So, my mother in law is pretty excited that I have gotten more interested in cooking. She owns a resale shop and will scour thrift shops frequently for used furniture she can refurbish and sell. Every now and then when she is shopping she will come across a cookbook that she thinks we might like (especially if it is vegan or vegetarian). Today I decided to try out a recipe in one of the cookbooks she got us:


I’ve already made one recipe out of this book and it did not turn out well. I mean, it was okay. It was a really bland black bean soup.

Today I decided to make a coconut curry recipe.

These are the ingredients I used:


I love red potatoes. Recipe calls for serrano peppers but I did not find any at the supermarket so I used jalapeno peppers. I’m in my MIL’s kitchen now!


I had it with some brown rice.

It ended up being pretty good. Especially when you add garnish and some salt.

I also added tofu to it. For once I fried tofu and it came out pretty crispy. It’s really all about draining it enough.

Well, that’s it for today.  I’ll be posting entries about my food intake and workouts coming up and next month I will try to post a little bit all the way from Thailand.